Hear me out and let me connect the dots. Con Man was a crowdfunded web series staring Alan Tudyk as a scifi actor who has hit the con circuit. The first season was released on Vimeo and now a second season is about to begin filming but this time it will be on the new Comic-Con HQ subscription service.

What’s this have to do with Phoenix Comicon? Well, let’s jump back to last May when the official Twitter account for Con Man tweeted this out:

(They meant crowds, not crows lol)

The Con Man team have had some experience shooting at Phoenix Comicon for what it’s worth. “What’s that have to do with this year?” You might ask. Well, this is where it gets interesting.

Executive Producer of the series PJ Haarsma tweeted out the following yesterday:

Guess what starts in just over two weeks? Phoenix Comicon. However, it’s not the only con that weekend so they could be shooting at any of them or even none of them at all. However, dig a little deeper into this and you’ll find two clues:

Both PJ and series regular Nolan North are attending Phoenix Comicon just after the series starts to shoot. The show primarily takes place at conventions, why not shoot at a con where people who are involved with the show will already be at?  Add to the fact that Alan Tudyk is not scheduled for any of the four major cons the weekend it starts to shoot, things begin to add up in favor of this being a possibility.

You know what else is a possibility? None of this being related and just a coincidence! If they are filming, it could be similar to last year, just crowd shots being filmed. I guess we’ll see on June 2nd.