Some of my favorite games growing up were in part due to the music that accompanied them. It wasn’t full blown orchestrated soundtracks like it is today but carefully crafted tracks that pushed the console hardware to its limits. My absolute favorite? Final Fantasy IV. When I found out that the concert series, A New World, a spinoff of the much larger Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert series was coming to Phoenix, I jumped at the chance to see it. 

The show was held at the Crescent Ballroom in downtown Phoenix. It was my first time at the venue and it was a cool little place as it doubles as a bar and then a small concert hall in the back of the building. The first show of the night was 8pm, which was a sold out show. I elected to go the second show at 10 which wasn’t as crowded. 

Before I move on to the music, I feel I need to explain my position on the Final Fantasy series. I have a theory that people who play the games fall into categories: gamers who enjoy 1-9 and the gamers who enjoy 10-current. I fall into the first category, not even having played 10 or 11, getting a few hours into 12, and owning 13 but it’s still sealed BUT I enjoy the hell out of the earlier games. With that said, that’s the music I’m familiar with and was looking forward to hearing performed live. 

Right out of the gate, they hit me with a track from Final Fantasy IV which was great but it was the only track from the game played all night. They atleast played a track from every game in the main series which was nice. It was varied mix of the type of music played but the highlight of the night was the piano player. He had a few solo performances, including a piece from Final Fantasy VII that the audience  went nuts for. He was really talented and the audience ended each of his performances with a loud ovation. 

The show last just over an hour but it was an entertaining show that everyone was really into. It was a little pricey, just under $50 but I was glad to be able to experience it.