Tucson Comic Con hits the scene starting today through Sunday for its 8th annual convention. The weekend is full of panels, parties, cosplay, and a great exhibit hall. The one aspect of Tucson Comic Con that is fairly unique, especially for a con that is in its eighth year, is that TCC doesn’t feature a headline guest. No scifi actor, not hot shot comic writer, nothing. The organizers have chosen to go the other route, featuring the best the Arizona artist community has to offer such as Jeff Pina, Val Hochberg, Tony Amato, Brian Pulido, Shelby Robertson, and a ton more. 

It’s not to say TCC doesn’t have guests, because they do, such as Mat Nastos and Sina Grace, who do great work. It’s a testament to the faith that TCC has in the community to pull this off and be successful at it. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, head to the Tucson Convention Center, bring a few bucks because between the vendors, artists, and crafts, you’ll have find some cool stuff. 

To check out the full list of vendors and artists, as well as the panel listing, head over to Tucson Comic Con

I’ll be at Tucson Comic Con Saturday, possibly Sunday bringing you live coverage on Twitter. See you there!