There is a resurgence taking place in pop culture and it revolves around arcades and drinking. Now this isn’t a new idea as places such as Dave and Busters and Gameworks have been working under that business model for years now but what’s happening is a spinoff of sorts, “spiritual successor” if you will.

The Grid: Games and Growlers is a new establishment that is falls under that category. The soft opening was help this past Saturday in Mesa for The Grid and I happen to go! My first thought was to write up a review but it’s the soft opening, their chance at live action business to work out the kinks so I didn’t think it would be quite fair to review The Grid just yet. 

The vibe of The Grid is unique, dark but with the ambiance of glowing LED lights from the coolest bar top you’ve ever seen. The music that plays puts you into the inspiration of The Grid, the film Tron. The main attraction the is the games obviously and The Grid offers roughly 12-15 cabinets/pinball games. However, because they don’t charge a cover or entry fee, the games are not free to play to so bring your quarters. There is also black lit pool table and a few consoles to play as well. Full disclosure, I don’t drink beer so what local beers they have on tap doesn’t really do anything for me but it looked like they had a nice selection. 

I didn’t stay for too long, snapped a few pics to share with you guys and checked out what games they had. I haven’t seen a date for the grand opening yet but I’m interested in returning and being able to write up a few full review.