We are getting closer to October and that means Comic and Media Expo coverage. The second year event takes place the 16th-18th at the Mesa Convention Center and features a variety of guest this year. Let’s take a quick look at the most intriguing guests!

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The big draw this year for CMX is Karl Yune aka Maseo from the third season of the CW show Arrow. Karl Yune has also had smaller roles in films such as Speed Racer. If you’re a big fan of Arrow, you’ll want not miss the panel that weekend!


Next up is William Salyers, best known for lending his voice to the character Rigby in Cartoon Network’s “Regular Show”. I’m a frequent watcher of Regular Show so this one panel I’m looking forward to. 
You might know D-Piddy for his who convention videos on YouTube, where he runs around conventions cosplaying as Deadpool, Star Lord, or a variety of other characters causing mishchief. I don’t know if he’ll be having a panel but I think it would be a very entertaining one if there is.