It’s Saboten week and what better way to prepare for the biggest anime con in Arizona by providing some useful tips and suggestions. The only problem? I’m not a veteran of Sabo, I’ve only been once! I reached out on Twitter and compiled some helpful information for Saboten newcomers and seasoned attendees alike. Make sure to give these guys a follow on Twitter. 

See everyone on Friday!

via Luluko

“I would say that they should check out the masquerade, it’s the best one in the state – no contest. And definitely attend the workshops from local vendors like Reynolds advanced materials and groovy ghoulies costumes, it’s an awesome chance to learn from the experts.”

via Scirew

“If you’re cosplaying, prepare a container of materials you might need for emergency repairs. Like pins, thread, glue, etc. Remember to respect everyone’s space, ask permission for photos. Look over the schedule ahead of time and plan out what panels you want”

via AwesomeJaymee

“Drink water, it gets so hot! And always wear your badge because you’ll constantly get stopped. Saboten has great badges to hold a debit card, some cash, your hotel key card and your id so you don’t have to carry a wallet or purse around. “

via TheVerlander

If you can’t find something to get signed by your favorite anime, try the artist alley. Chances are, someone has created something from that anime. If you need a place to rest, the viewing rooms are a great place to sit down and watch anime (catching up, rewatching, or finding something new)”

via AnimeAnonymous

“If you are a music fan, check out all of the great music guests and their concerts during the con. There are a lot of great cosplay photo op areas around the hotel. Make sure to get some great photos of your cosplays. The Otaku Closet Bazaar is a good way to find new or used items that you were looking for, from others, for a cheap price.”