We are less than 7 days away from the first big pop culture event in the southwest, Amazing Arizona Comic Con! The programming has been announced in the past few days and now that everything is finalized, lets take a look at some of the highlights!

FridayTodd McFarlane and Greg Cappullo Spawn 250 Autograph Session

4PM , Main Theatre Room

Creator of Spawn, Todd McFarlane, along with a seminal artist on so many Spawn issues, Greg Cappullo, will be together again for this very limited autograph signing. This is a ticketed event (which those tickets will be given out at 3PM) and will include a FREE Spawn 250 poster (if you’re over the age of 13) and you can also have one additional item signed by both.

WALKING DEAD Fan Meet-Up – Hosted by Jessica Merizan & Chloe Dykstra

5PM, Room A

Two of the most cosplayers from Heroes of Cosplay will be holding a fan meetup for The Walking Dead. Chat up things like your favorite characters, theories, the comics and whatever else TWD related. Free Swag for the first 100 attendees

Cosplay Family Feud

7PM , Main Theatre Room

A staple of the other Amazing Comic Cons, the game is brought to Phoenix for the first time. Special guests will compete with fans in a nerd rendition of The Family Feud

SaturdayBREAKING INTO COMICS: Prepping your Portfolio – With Aspen Comics’ EIC Vince Hernandez

11AM, Room B

How many chances do you get to sit in a room with an Editor in Chief of a comic book company and get tips and suggestions on how to break into the industry. If creating comics is a passion of yours, don’t miss this panel.

Architects of Pop Culture Marvel Comics & More – With Steve McNiven, Charles Soule, Steve Epting & More

12PM, Main Theatre Room

These guys have had a hand in some of the major Marvel events of the past few years and their work continues to influence the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Amazing Spotlight! Kevin Eastman & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

2PM, Main Theatre Room

Kevin Eastman, creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, sits down for a Q&A with the fans to talk about the pop culture powerhouse that the Ninja Turtles have become.

Advanced Cosplay Q&A: Armor, Painting, and More – With Anabel Martinez & Allen Amis

2PM, Room A

These local cosplay powerhouses sit down and talk about some of the more difficult techniques in creating amazing cosplay pieces. Bring your questions because they will most likely have your answer!

Five o’clock Face/Off with Keaghlan Ashley & Alana Rose

5PM, Main Theatre Room

Two of the most popular contestants and creators from the show Face/Off come together to talk about their creations, their experiences on the show and what ever questions you may have.

SundayPower Rangers

11A, Room A

Six(!) cast members from some of the different Power Rangers series come together for some story telling from one of the biggest franchies in the past 30 years.

Amazing Spotlight: Greg Capullo

12PM, Main Theatre Room

Current Batman artist Greg Capullo talks about his run on one of the biggest comics of all time as well as how he go into the industry and his early years. If you haven’t had a chance to hear Capullo give an interview on his career then this is a must see, very charismatic and entertaining.

Life with Rob… with Rob Liefeld

1PM, Main Theatre Room

Creator of some of the biggest characters in comics, Rob Liefeld talks about his time in the comic industry as well as a wide variety of topics. I attended two panels at last years Amazing Arizona Comic Con that featured Rob Liefeld and they were among the best highlights of the con. Another can’t miss.

Sailor Moon Spotlight

1PM, Room A

If you comic books are not your thing then maybe anime is and if  that is the case, what better panel to attend then a reunion panel of some of the English voice actors of the Sailor Moon anime.


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