It’s nearly that time of the year where it is time to buy a gift or two for loved ones and friends (if you haven’t started already!). If you’re looking for a gift idea for a fellow convention goer or maybe looking for something for yourself to add to your Amazon wishlist then I’ve got you covered!
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Comic Book Portfolio
Most comic convention attendees will bring a few comic books to get signed by their favorite artist or writer however it isn’t ideal just to store them in a backpack during the convention. A comic book specific portfolio will keep those comic books safe and those hard earned signatures in good shape.

Nailed It! by Espionage Cosmetics

Maybe you/friend/girlfriend/wife likes to attend conventions but isn’t keen on the idea of cosplay but still wants to show her geeky side. Nailed It! nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics helps them achieve just that with their line of geeky inspired nail wraps the from Ninja Turtles, Firefly, Harley Quinn and more.


Super Hero Stuff Gift Certificate


Super Hero Stuff can be found at major comic conventions across the country and they have an enormous selection of geek related t-shirts, jewelry, hats, jackets, and a ton more. Almost anyone will find something they like at their store.

Alienware Backpack

You’re at a three day convention and you’ll be lugging around a backpack to keep all your purchases in each day. It is important to have a comfortable back pack but also one with plenty of storage to keep things safe. I can speak from personal experience that this is worth every penny. It features three separate compartments with tons of zippers, pockets and other hidden areas to keep everything you need handy and safe.

Comic Convention Tickets
This is an obvious one but most comic convention tickets can be purchased ahead of time without fear of an instant sell out. Chances are if you’re reading this you’re in the Arizona area and conventions right after the holidays such as Taiyou Con and Amazing Arizona Comic Con will have tickets on sale shortly to capitalize on the holiday shopping season.


Bluetooth Selfie Stick


The selfie stick as it is called can be a useful device for conventions because you can easily take photos of you with your favorite cosplayer or guest of the con at different angles however, I think the most useful part of this device is that it lets you easily reach over crowds to take pictures of a swarmed celebrity.