Day two of the our San Diego Comic Con Panel Picks! Friday plays host to some pretty large tv panels as well as some other awesome things to check out. @meshellv gives her thoughts with what she is excited for on the Friday of Comic Con.


AMC’s Walking Dead
Hall H, 12:20pm

Game of Thrones Panel and Q&A
Hall H, 1:40pm

I’ve only tried to Hall H once before in 2012 and was completely shut out, and I’ve never attempted again.
However, this year I’m crossing my fingers that I get to see The Walking Dead and GoT on Friday.

A big draw for me to see The Walking Dead in Hall H rather than try for the Nerd HQ panel is for moderator Chris Hardwick. I love his Talking Dead show, and I really want to see his interactions with the cast.
I just got into Game of Thrones recently when I binge watched all four seasons and read the first book in two weeks! Although Peter Dinklage won’t be there, I’m still excited to hear some of the other cast members talk about their characters.

Here is what I am looking forward to checking out on Friday!

Spotlight on Neal Adams
Room 9, 10:00am

I listen to Kevin Smith’s podcast “Fatman and Batman” and by far one of his most entertaining guests has been Neal Adams. The guy can tell a story and hit you with all kinds of comic book history. This one is sure to entertain!

[adult swim]: Mike Tyson Mysteries
Indigo, Hilton Bayfront, 2:30pm

Honestly, I don’t really have any interest in the new animated show on Cartoon Network but getting an hour to sit in the same room as Mike Tyson and here what is going on inside of that mind of his is a pretty cool chance.

Digging E.T.: Behind the Scenes of the Xbox Originals Documentary, Atari: Game Over
Room 5AB, 3:30pm

I’m a big fan of video games and there was once a myth of landfill in New Mexico with hundreds of copies of E.T. for Atari which destroyed the video game business in the 80s. Fast forward to earlier this year and the landfill was found along with all those E.T. cartridges. A documentary was filmed during the whole process, color me interested.