Hey folks, Robert here, I’m the guy that runs Legion of Sand and that some of you have unfortunately met in person 😀 . Anyways, I wanted to give Nick Issac, one of the site’s earliest readers, the chance to talk some San Diego Comic Con exclusives! So check out his article and follow him on Twitter!

Who You Gonna Call? Funko Reveals SDCC Exclusive Pop!’s and Social Media Contest

By Nick Issac
Twitter: @mydrunkmatinee

For geeks the world over, today feels to us what the day after Thanksgiving must feel like to many a child, aware that just over horizon, Christmas awaits.

But unlike little kiddies the world over, this geek Christmas is not a winter wonderland, but a sunny drenched spectacle of cos-play, panels and exclusive swag.

Yes, today marks the one month countdown to San Diego Comic-Con 2014! And for people like me who won’t be making it to the con, seeing the glimpses of leaked cell phone footage and excited Twitter updates fills me with pangs of regret, anger, hatred and just a little bit of the dark side. But even more than the secret appearances and celebrity sightings, the largest amount of awe and exclamations of ‘Shiny!’ are left for the SDCC Exclusive toys and figures.

SDCC exclusive memorable holds a vaunted status amongst collectors and con goers. Vendors offer items from exclusive prints, one of a kind offers and pre-order’s months before they are available to the general public. Toy makers like Funko have made their mark with rare variants sold only at the convention, and generally at retail price. The secondary market is a hotbed of activity for these exclusives, quickly fetching up to 10 times the initial purchase price, and increasing as the years and demand go on.

My personal favorite line of figures, the Funko Pop! line, released their 8 piece SDCC Exclusive line on Monday. Not only that, they are giving everyone, even those of us unlucky enough to not be attending this years event, two opportunities to win a complete set WEEKS before they are on sale!

Funko’s previous Pop! offerings exclusive to con’s have included blood splatter variants of their Supernatural line, chrome versions of characters from Dumbo to Ghost Rider, and Ned Stark with a detachable head (THE NORTH REMEMBERS!), and this years offerings celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the beloved summer smash hit, GHOSTBUSTERS.

There are 4 different sets available: a four pack featuring Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston in post-bottle marshmallow coatings; a 2 pack featuring a metallic Slimer variant and a ‘slimmed’ Venkman; and two glow in the dark variants of previously available figures: a 6’ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a standard size Slimmer.

Funko is offering followers of their social media accounts entries to two drawings, ending Tuesday and Thursday, for liking and sharing their posts. Each giveaway runs for two days (Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday/Thursday) and winners will be drawn and announced at 4 PM PST Tuesday and Thursday. Funko can be found at the following social media outlets: