“Wait, I thought this was a site covering Arizona conventions!?”

Why yes it is but how can you give up your first love? San Diego Comic Con was the first convention of any time I ever attended back in 2008 and I’ve been going ever since (besides 2010, the whole pregnant wife walking around the Comic Con would have been a bad idea). Plus I know some of you readers that live in Arizona will also be going to San Diego so it isn’t much of a stretch to cover the event.

Here is a wish list of sorts of panels I would like to see this year at San Diego Comic Con.


24 featuring Kiefer Sutherland
My very first day at San Diego Comic Con I only had mission, to get into the 24 panel and after sitting through a World of Warcraft panel as well as a Jim Butcher panel, it was mission accomplished.

24 is in the middle of a return to Fox after a 4 year hiatus. Kiefer Sutherland has returned as Jack Bauer and given Fox a boost in ratings during its Monday night time slot. The season also stars two vets of other highly acclaimed shows: Yvonne Strahovski who spent a few seasons on Dexter and Michelle Fairley of Game of Thrones of fame.


Image Reunion
Image comics was a smash hit during the 90s, it was created by the biggest names in comics at the time and took the industry by storm. Just recently a documentary title “The Image Revolution” has been making its way around the country recounting the tale of how Image started and how it changed comics forever.

Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, Mark Silvestri, Jim Valentino and Whilce Portacio (lets throw in Robert Kirkman for good measure) are all pretty good story tellers in person and yes, this panel happened in 2007 for the 15th Anniversary of Image Comics but with the release of the documentary, it seems like a good time to get the gang back together.


Heroes of Cosplay
The show has seen a mixed reaction from the cosplay community and San Diego would be a great time to get the majority of the participants of the show together to talk about their experiences on the show, traveling the country on the con circuit and other topics fans are interested in.


The Goonies II
One of my favorite movies of all time, The Goonies, has had talks of a sequel come up on places such as the Nerdist recently. Yes, I want to see the cast of Star Wars Episode VII or Age of Ultron, which have a good chance of happening but what I really want to see? The Goonies II! It is a film fans of Comic Con would eat up and enjoy. Come on WB, lets do this already!

What do you want to see at San Diego Comic Con? Let us know on Twitter!