Just three short weeks from now, Phxcc will be taking place and its ton of panels. The official Phxcc app was just released for android and iOS and we take you through a short peek of it.


The main screen gives you four options as well as the ability of log in/logout in the upper right hand portion of the screen. Make sure to sign up via Phoenix Comicon


If you move into the guest area, you can see all the guests confirmed for phxcc by first name.


Let’s say you click on Len Wein from the list of guests. You’ll get a short bio of the guest and the ability to see what panels they will be attending during the four days.


You can then click on one of the panels the guest is attending to get time and date information as well as add it to your Conquest (which is where all the events and panels you are interested in are stored).


Speak of Conquest, here is what it looks like with a panel added. Swipe to the left to reach Fri-Sun, swipe to the right to go back to any previous day.


The final part of the app is the maps. This will come in handy in tracking down the room for the panels you’re interested in. Swipe to the left to view additional maps of the Phoenix Convention Center.