Earlier tonight, the Tempe Center for the Arts played host to a small Phoenix Comic Con gathering inside the American Pop exhibit (which by the way, if you have 15 minutes to kill and are in Tempe, check it out). The staff present for this conversation was the marketing manager, the program manager and the street team manager. Here are a few quick tidbits from the night:

  • The Sheraton hotel will be where you’ll find some of the programming for authors such as Jim Butcher and Charlaine Harris.
  • The Hyatt hotel will feature two stories of gaming, the first floor will be console gaming and the second floor will be the board and card games.
  • Expectation for attendance is 75,000 this year
  • Themed areas return which includes a Star Wars area and a new horror area.
  • The Phoenix Comic Con app for android and iOS will be released next week.
  • Again, registration has been moved to the south building which is also where you will find the kids area.

It’s not my announcement to make so you’ll have to wait for Phoenix Comic Con to announce it but here is a hint: attendees of San Diego Comic Con have been asking for this for a few years now but Phoenix will be making it happen. The “snakes” must not be in town…

Also, expect atleast one more huge guest announcement (to compensate for Morrissey not being able to attend due to a scheduling conflict), I think I have a good idea of who it is but I’ll keep it to myself (again, no official announcement was made tonight but I pieced together some hints).