Not many games will appear in one of these articles that get much stranger than this one. You take one of the original zombie light gun shooters and change it from a gun to a keyboard and you get “The Typing of the Dead”

I was a big Sega Dreamcast supporter, it was the first console that I started importing games from Japan because I couldn’t wait months for a US release. I bought a few of the oddities that did see a release in America and none did I love more than TotD.

It was a simple premise, instead of aiming a gun, you type out words with little mistakes as possible. The further you got in the game, the more sentences you had to type to kill the zombies.


I won’t lie, I bought the keyboard and game immediately and played the hell out of it. So much that in my senior year of high school, I had the best wpm with the highest accuracy of any student in any of the computer courses in my school. I DOMINATED.

If you want to type faster and more accurate, there is no better tool to help you. I promise.