I stood in line at last year’s San Diego Comic Con and had a conversation with a fellow line waiter and he was telling me about how Wondercon is what Comic Con use to be like. I got to experience those years at Comic Con but not for long and I was anxious in experiencing something similar.

So this past Friday, I hoped on a plane (with only 2 hours of sleep) and flew to Anaheim where I took my family to Wondercon. Everything I had told myself I wanted to do that day, I was able to accomplish (I didn’t go to the Jim Lee Draws panel but only because I was extremely tired). I stopped to talk to Jimmy S Jay, creator of Amazing Comic Con, he promises that the upcoming Amazing Las Vegas will be one to remember. I waited to meet Deadpool and Cable creator Rob Liefeld, who said he knew from Twitter which was awesome. I was able to stop by and say hi to Val Hochberg (who’s interview I did a few weeks ago and you can read here), she was insanely nice and very sweet. Checked out the Teen Titans Go panel where the crowd got to watch the season finale a month early (it was GOOD) and then was treated to a Q&A with the show creators and the voice of Cyborg. Finally, I was able to meet Kelly Sue Deconnick who was making duck faces for anyone requesting a photo, it was great.

The convention was full of cosplay and the front of the convention center was cosplay headquarters. The water fountain and backdrop making for some really awesome pictures so you could find so many different awesome cosplayers at anytime out front. The exhibit floor was spacious and had a great mix of artists, corporate vendors, and independent owners selling comics, vintage toys, and other collectables. Even though the con had a lot of attendees, it never felt super crowded because of the size of the convention center.

Two out of state conventions a year might be a little tough for me to swing but I am looking forward to making Wondercon a yearly trip. I’ll add the photos to the blog soon but in the mean time, you can check out Facebook page which has photos from my Wondercon trip. Be warned, the photo set has a lot of pictures of my kid.

Update, here are the photos!

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