Games I Adore: Metroid Fusion

I’ve noticed my entries in this series is skewed heavily toward Japanese RPGs which, by far, is my favorite genre of games but I decided to take a different direction this time.

Metroid Fusion is a game that doesn’t get much love because it’s on a handheld and it’s pretty short of game. Why I enjoy though is that it takes it’s cues from the classic Super Metroid and puts it’s own spin on things.


Everything about this game is wrapped up in a nice little bow. The controls are tight, the 2d sprites look great, difficulty and length are just right for a handheld game. One of my favorite things about the series is the musical score and the sense of isolation the games create. No different with Fusion, even in a small package, the game is able to transport you to environments that come off as mysterious and creepy at times thanks to the wonderful use of the score.


Chances are you can still find this game for an inexpensive price and it’s worth it. Samus would approve.


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