Next weekend, April 12-13, the 2nd annual classic arcade and pinball convention, ZapCon, finally takes place.

I will only be attending the second day but still excited for a few things:

X-Men – The 6 player cabinet will be available all weekend to play. Despite the gaming being available on Xbox Live, being able to have that classic arcade experience along side 5 other people in a classic Konami side scrolling beat’em up is what this weekend is all about. I call dibs on Dazzler.


Anything Capcom – If you grew up in the 90s and frequented arcades (when you could find them at your local mall and skate rink) then you probably played some of the best Capcom had to offer such as Street Fighter 2, Captain Commando, Final Fight and Marvel Vs. Capcom. They also had some pretty cool cabinet artwork.

Pinball! – I never had an appreciation for pinball as a kid, I would always skip over it in favor of Mortal Kombat 2 (which will also be at the con!) or a racing cabinet. It wasn’t until just recently did I enjoy pinball, virtually that is. Xbox and Playstation offer some great downloadable pinball games that feature licensed tables like Rocky&Bullwinkle, Star Wars, Captain America and many more. I’m ready to give the real deal a shot.