A Sega Saturn game!? Yes, I own a Saturn and yes, I enjoy some of the games on the console. One in particular, Dragon Force, would probably make my personal top 10 video games list.

I had a friend who had the game and I would go over to his house all the time to play it, taking turns strategically trying to conquer parts of the land while defending your own castles with different types of troops in a rock, paper, scissors type battle system (soldiers defeat archers, archers defeat calvary, ninjas defeat solders, etc, etc)


By the time I got a Saturn of my own, the game was pretty hard to come by for a decent price. It regularly went for over $100 on eBay which was a price I was unwilling to spend on any game no matter how much I liked it. I eventually got a disc only version for a good price and then came across it twice in a locally owned game store in Florida and bought them both because of crazy good price.

What is appealing too me about this game is the fact it forces you to think strategize, you can’t conquer too much too fast because you spread yourself thin and opens yourself up to attacks. The variety of battle units, the amount of locations, and the cut scenes all add to the variety of this game.


If you own a Sega Saturn then I am pretty sure you’re atleast aware of this game seeing as the library isn’t that great but if you ever buy a Saturn, put this on the short list of games to hunt down, it is worth it.