If you walked an exhibit floor at a comic convention then you know you’ll usually see a bunch of vendors selling toys from our youth or collectables that were produced a limited quantity. To me, it’s one of my favorite things at a convention to check out all the rare stuff or things I threw out as a kid, wishing I still owned.

The AZ Collectors Market (check out the website ) is very similar in that experience.

Located at on the corner of 20th St and Indian School Rd (the building with the awesome mural featuring Spider-Man, Bobba Fett, Goku among others), the building is home to a handful of vendors selling things you’ve heard of but have never seen or some of the hottest action figures on the market.


I just saw that Wonder Woman Mego on an episode of Toyhunter.

On Saturdays, they allow for table rentals so you can bring in your collection to sell to the public. I saw table that had just a ton of loose action figures, many I owned as a kid, it was really cool to see.

You’ll also find two stores within the building, the first specializing in video games and consoles while the second store is a mini Pop Culture Paradise second location that carries a smaller selection of graphic novels, posters, cards and the current issues of comics.

Everyone that I spoke to was incredibly nice, you could tell that they were passionate about collectables. If you have a Saturday morning with no convention to attend, you could do yourself a favor and check out the AZ Collectors Marketplace.