It’s been a little quiet on the PCC news (to be fair, the convention is still months away) but that won’t stop us from recapping what is known at this point.

Two celebrity guests so far have been announced, Bruce Campbell and Mark Sheppard (Supernatural fan girls are screaming already). If Phoenix CC wants to become the premiere pop culture event in the southwest, booking a few high profile guests would help cement that (if Matt Smith can attend Wizard World in New Orleans, it’s not out of the question that PCC could pull a guest like that).

Update: It was announced on Feb 1st that Eliza Dushku, from Dollhouse and Buffy among other things will be a guest at PCC.

A few dozen comic industry and authors are already confirmed (subject to change however). I’m excited that Don Rosa will be back, I kick myself for not a buying a piece from him last year.

If you’re coming in from out of town, the two hotels that had special con rates are sold out that weekend but Phoenix has plenty of hotels within minutes from the convention center.

Who would you like to see at the convention? What are you excited about?

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