I’ve lived in Arizona since 2007 and compared to my previous location in the East, it is a hot bed of geek and pop culture that satisfies and accepts the life of a geek.

1. The Amount of Comic Shops
Comic book shops are important to help create, expand and a foster a community that appreciates all kinds of geek pop culture. Just in Phoenix you’ve got at least 10 comic shops that offer a wide variety of merchandise and events to keep fans coming back and not lose interest. Across Arizona in Tucson and Flagstaff, you can find even more comic book shops. The key to growing pop culture events in a city or state is comic books that are stable and have a large customer base.

2. Conventions!
Dig a little into the convention scene in Arizona and you’ll find that we have a HEALTHY amount of conventions. Amazing Arizona Comic Con, Phoenix Comic Con, Taiyou Con, Saboten Con, Copper Con, Tucson Comic Con, the list goes on. If you enjoy conventions, big and small, you’ve got a great selection. The fact that we get more than one is amazing and we should support these conventions by attending or at least just spreading the word. These conventions also are a great opportunity to meet new people, network, and create new relationships with the focus being centered around your passions.

3. Traveling isn’t that Bad
You know what is great about living in Arizona? That California and Las Vegas is just a skip away. Can’t get enough of your home grown conventions and want a taste of a convention that is just a monster? You’ve got the obvious San Diego Comic Con, various cons in Vegas, Comikaze and Wondercon in LA/Anaheim. You could probably hit a convention every month of the year between the cons in Arizona and the surrounding cities.

4. Locals
AZ Ghostbusters, AZ Justice League, Arizona Avengers, Bookmans, and many more are clubs, businesses and organizations that help the community through fundraisers and are actively sponsor local events. Support these guys who help make our community that much better (and fun!).

So the summers are insanely brutal but that’s the trade off for living in a state that has such a large fan base, community and businesses that share your favorite hobby!