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Superheroes meet Luchadores!
Classic Japanese sci-fi TV shows, pitting our cybernetic heroes against masked wrestlers! KAMEN RIDER! GOGGLE V! And more!

Tokusatsu Theater
“Tokusatsu Theater” started in the vicinity of Phoenix, AZ. Fans have gotten together monthly (sometimes at theaters, sometimes at private residences) to watch vintage, rare sci-fi & superheroes from Japan. The premise came about in July 2011, when former film-critic Damon Foster decided to share his plethora of Asian productions from the 20th century. “I’m a bottomless pit of old Far Eastern productions– VHS tapes, and DVDs. These foreign fantasies just collect dust on shelves. So I decided to start showing these cheesy things to people. And thus, Tokusatsu Theater was born”. The monthly gathering (of martial arts, beer and giant monsters) focuses strictly on non-CGI, non-HD productions. Just old-school special effects and amusement from decades passed.

This is taking place at Film Bar in Phoenix on Friday, August 9th and admission is $8