I’ve been covering conventions for three years now and I while I get press/media credentials at almost every con, I don’t really bother with the press rooms. Legion of Sand isn’t a site that does weekly television recaps or movie reviews so if a guest at a con is going to talk about their show, I’d rather bring you guys the updates from their panels, not a press room.

With that said, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hang out with the guys from my favorite comedy on television, TruTv’s Impractical Jokers. This was “backstage” at the Impractical Jokers Block Party at Petco Park where it was myself, and my 6 other people asking questions to Joe, Murr, Sal, and Q from the show. It was a pretty cool experience and something I won’t soon forget.

Like a rookie however, I decided to just get audio for my question instead of video. Here is the aduio from my first press room. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for my videos from various cons across the South West!